Young Man in Therapy

Case Management

Through prevention and early intervention strategies, individualized assessments, case management support and coordinated access to services, youth (and their families) are offered positive alternatives for sustainable change and growth. When a youth/family choose to work with us, an individualized assessment is completed to determine problematic issues and help connect them to appropriate local services in their community that will serve them best. Our experienced case managers provide support and follow up with the youth/family over a one to four month period (dependent on case level) to ensure the greatest opportunity for success.

Our Case Management team receives referrals for a multitude of concerns including:

At Risk: Youth considered "at-risk" can be referred for services by several parties including, but not limited to: parents, schools, other organizations, or the youth themselves. These cases are meant to support youth struggling with conflict, behavioral issues, or other concerns.

Truancy Response & Intervention Program (TRIP): Schools may refer students who have been suspended, expelled, or who are exhibiting truant behavior. There are three levels to this program, each with increasing levels of support and involvement. 

Meet Our Team

Amira Faris

Case Manager

"I work for YFC because I enjoy working with youth and families, and watching them grow and succeed. I love having the opportunity to do meaningful work and sharing in life changing experiences. This organization has allowed me the opportunity to contribute my skills and life passions to help others. I enjoy working with other like-minded colleagues who want to support the education and growth that this community needs."

Brittany Fairchild

Case Manager

"I work for YFC because I have a passion and drive to work with and help the youth of Weld County. YFC is an outstanding organization, and I believe in what the organization stands for. I grew up in Weld County and I work hard daily to give back to this community that I call home."

Providing Youth and Families Resources and Alternatives that Lead to a Successful Life!