Restorative Justice Program

The Youth and Family Connections Restorative Justice Program creates an opportunity for youth who have caused harm to take accountability for the harms they have caused and repair the relationships within their respective community.

The Restorative justice program gives an opportunity for those who have been impacted by a harm to be a part of a facilitated dialogue or other restorative justice practices to express how it has impacted their lives and the community. This can include having a joint conversation with the responsible youth to have their needs met to help with the healing process and repair relationships.

Through the restorative process, those involved will create collaborative terms that are equitable for all, in an atmosphere that is confidential, and all participants are acknowledged through a restorative lens.

Restorative Justice Programs

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circle process

Circle Processes provide an opportunity for a person who has been harmed and their family/support persons to meet face-to-face peacefully with the responsible youth and their family or support person – this includes peers and community member volunteers as they engage in a dialogue to heal from the harm, connect, and learn.


The RESTORE Program provides a voluntary opportunity for youth and young adults who have shoplifted to deal with their charge in a way that is meaningful to them and to the community.

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A private needs assessment is conducted with the youth and with the parents/guardians to obtain information on the youth’s behavioral trends and to help resolve issues.

Based on the assessment, YFC staff create an individualized intervention plan. A team member is assigned to support in the plan.

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