YFC 101

YFC 101 is a 12-week program where we dive into:

– Career Exploration
– Education Exploration
– Financial Literacy
– Alcohol & Drug Awareness

Career Exploration

– Bank Tellers
– Massage Therapist
– Electrician
– Welder
– Paralegal
– Automotive Technician

Education Exploration

– Trade schools
– Community college
– Four-year college

Financial Literacy

– Budgeting
– Savings
– Reliability
– Earnings

Alcohol & Drug Awareness

– Educate participants through guest speakers from our community who have experience
– Guidance and support to making good decisions and setting goals


Students are exposed to positive opportunities in light of what they have learned about themselves and where they are from.
Students participate in interactive class that foster self- discovery, career exploration, and encouragement.

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