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Restorative Justice

All our Restorative Justice Programs are modeled after a family group conference process. All youth are accompanied with an adult. There is a pre-conference, and a session(s) that will provide an opportunity for youth that are identified to learn: accountability, the impact of their behaviors on others, and to create agreements to repair the harm. A third follow-up meeting will provide an opportunity to reinforce skills learned, to show evidence that the agreements were followed and repair to the harm has been accomplished.

Our Restorative Justice Programs include:

Circle Conferences (RJCC): RJCCs are a decision-making meeting for youth involved with the juvenile justice system led by trained facilitators. Circle Conferences provide an opportunity for a victim and the family/support persons to meet face to face with the offender(s) and their family/support person This program is for youth who have committed low level offenses and are referred through the Weld County District Attorney's office.

Family Attendance Circles (FAC): FAC sessiosn provide the opportunity for youth identified as having attendance concerns to learn about truancy and drop-out facts. Youth take responsibility for their decision-making and hear the impact caused by their truancy. Youth also create a plan of agreements, along with their families, to stay in school. A follow-up meeting provides an opportunity to reinforce skills learned, as well as to show evidence that the agreements have been accomplished.

RESTORE: The RESTORE Program provides a voluntary opportunity for youth and young adults who have shoplifted to deal with their charge in a way that is meaningful to them and to the community. RESTORE sessions take place every third Saturday each month from 9:00am to 12:00pm.

Family Alternatives to Drugs (FAD): The FAD Program is meant to serve as a positive way to resolve drug, alcohol, or vaping referrals generated by the courts, schools, parents, or otherwise. Through two 3-hour sessions, this program allows youth to learn accountability, awareness of the impact of their behaviors on others, and an opportunity to reinforce skills learned in order to repair the harm. A final follow-up meeting provides an opportunity to reinforce the fresh skills and to show evidence that the agreements made to repair the harm have been accomplished. Completion of this program can reduce suspension or bring a dismissal of charges.

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"I work at Youth and Family Connections because I enjoy working with the kids and their families. I believe that, given a change and confidence to use their voice and make their own choices, all kids can reach their goals and I love being a part of helping them get the skills and confidence to do this."

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