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Wraparound is a system of care for youth 10-17 years of age that focuses on strengths-based, culturally appropriate individualized care to support serious emotional, behavioral and mental health needs of the youth and family involved. This comprehensive and flexible array of services for youth and their families is designed to reduce the use of institutional-based care programs. Wraparound utilizes a team-based approach to ultimately teach the family to be in charge of their own action plans for their life while working with the different system professionals involved in their lives.


Our Wraparound facilitators and Family Support Partner are committed to getting families connected to the right resources. They stay by the family's side to advocate for them, guide them, and ultimately teach them to be their own advocates.

Our Wraparound Programs include:

High-Fidelity Wraparound (HFW): HFW focuses on long term intervention for high risk youth with high needs. Youth and families in this program are involved for 6+ months.

Early Intervention Supports (EIS): The EIS program utilizes the same principles, methods, and techniques as HFW but focuses on short-term intervention for younger offenders.

Wraparound Family Advocacy: Wraparound Family Advocacy involves an experienced caregiver helping the family to identify their strengths and needs, navigate their services and supports, and mediates for the family when needed.

Meet Our Team

Aspin Pecor

Family Support Partner

"I work at Youth and Family Connections because I enjoy working with the kids and their families. I believe that, given a change and confidence to use their voice and make their own choices, all kids can reach their goals and I love being a part of helping them get the skills and confidence to do this."

Young Man in Therapy

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